Saturday, August 31, 2013

IAr Name Tag

The following is an image of the name tag I made for my desk in the IAr program at UNCG:

This piece stands up in a triangular prism shape on my desk. I chose to add things I felt "defined" or "described" bits of my personality. In doing that, I added yarn balls, as I'm an avid crocheter, and a "self portrait" of myself thinking about both the IAr program and crochet hooks. I chose to create the self portrait in a sort of a cartoonist format because, prior to coming into the IAr program and on the rare chance I did draw, I preferred a more cartoon style vs. realistic.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Three Quotes

Title: Design Drawing
Author: Francis D.K. Ching with Steven P. Juroszek

"Skillful technique is of little value, however, unless accompanied by understanding the perceptual principles on which techniques are based." (page 2)

I find this quote an important one because it illustrates to the reader, me, that even if you're the best drawer in the world you can still be lacking in skill if you do not fully understand the subject you're drawing.

"At the heart of all drawing is an interactive process of seeing." (page 3)

This quote reads as important to me because it solidifies that you must truly observe and try to understand your subject fully before you can successfully draw it.

"Drawing encourages us to pay attention and to experience the full range of visual phenomena and appreciate the uniqueness of most ordinary things." (page 6)

I found this quote to be fantastic because it points out to the reader that you need to look at the smallest of elements (as well as the obvious and large components) in your subject of interest when drawing to get all the detail correct and therefore produce a better quality image.

Personal Relation to Stick Assemblage

I believe that my personal relation to my stick structure is found in the "nature" aspect of the piece. I was inspired by keeping the sticks in their natural state-and not force them into something they wouldn't "normally" be seen used for-at least without some sort of fabrication/manufacturing; (for example: a cup, television, dinner plate, etc. etc.). That being said, I chose to represent the sticks as a dead tree; a tree without leaves or foliage on it. I like to believe that I'm a person of nature, I like walks, hikes and things of that sort and I fundamentally believe in taking care of the planet we live on. So, for me, choosing to keep the sticks in an "original" state you might find them in, was something I found to be important-and fundamental to my own beliefs.