Friday, August 30, 2013

Personal Relation to Stick Assemblage

I believe that my personal relation to my stick structure is found in the "nature" aspect of the piece. I was inspired by keeping the sticks in their natural state-and not force them into something they wouldn't "normally" be seen used for-at least without some sort of fabrication/manufacturing; (for example: a cup, television, dinner plate, etc. etc.). That being said, I chose to represent the sticks as a dead tree; a tree without leaves or foliage on it. I like to believe that I'm a person of nature, I like walks, hikes and things of that sort and I fundamentally believe in taking care of the planet we live on. So, for me, choosing to keep the sticks in an "original" state you might find them in, was something I found to be important-and fundamental to my own beliefs.

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