Monday, September 9, 2013

9 Contour Drawings

We were recently challenged in class to create a 18x24 inch sketch of 9 various drawings using the 5 contour drawing techniques learned in class.

My first rendition of this assignment is as follows:

The subjects I chose to work with in this sketch include: a yarn ball, light bulb and button (that was attached to a classmates nametag). I thought the yarn ball was a wonderful item to help represent Cross-Contour drawing, as you can easily see the movement of the object in the way the yarn/string is wrapped around. I chose to do the light bulb because I was attracted to the overall shape of the item and lastly the button because I was fascinated with the nametag it was attached to; (I thought it would make for a great "Negative Contour" drawing).

However, after attending the next class and listening to points and tips mentioned during the class critique, I felt like I should redo this assignment, for practice and possibly a better understanding of the various techniques.

My second rendition:
For this sketch I chose to use items that I felt represented my personality a bit-giving the viewer small "hints" of who I am-personality wise. To do this, I chose to use a yarn ball (because I love to crochet), a tea pot (as that's my favorite beverage) and a candle (because I love to have them lit while at home relaxing). In this second drawing I chose to play around with placement, instead of having every item smack in the middle of the box, I highlighted certain portions of the things drawn. I also changed the lettering style; in the first drawing I used free hand type handwriting-nothing special. With the second one I tried to use Architectural lettering. Overall, with the two drawings, I think I'm most drawn to the yarn ball sketches made, as well as the negative space contour drawings. 

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