Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Campus Tour Storyboard Drawing

In an effort to understand and practice various drawing techniques our class was challenged to create an 18x24 inch storyboard of our progress through a certain portion of campus.

With this project/assignment I was challenged to work with several drawing skills such as using vanishing points, hard and soft lines to show depth, horizon lines,  contour lines and things of that nature.
Update 11/27/2013:
When working on the Campus Tour book for the final submission in class I chose to redraw the above images for the book submission. However, I chose to draw them with the viewpoint traveling the opposite way.
In reworking these drawings I focused a lot on line weight to show depth and my vanishing points and horizon lines. (All things I didn't focus on much during the first iteration above-because we were currently learning about those concepts in class at the time).
I think the second iteration came out a lot nicer than the first. I also like the position change to show difference between the paths that could be traveled by the Curry building. 

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