Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dialog Project Descriptive Drawing.

Below is a photo of the elevation and plan drawing I made for the Dialog project:

In drawing this elevation I chose to not only do a front and top view of my structure, but also include a perspective view so the audience can get a better since of the way the structure looks in real life; (give it some depth). I didn't include a side view, as the structure is symmetrical, so the "front" looks the same as it would from the side or back...
I then included the Parti I created to show the viewer were I drew inspiration from; followed by photographs at the bottom of the poster board to show the progression I made with the project.
I chose to color the drawing to help assist the viewer in knowing each color represented a different material used, as well as to help make the structure stand out from the measurement/projection lines.
(I used purple to signify the tape, teal for the planes, orange for the sticks, hunter green for the base and navy blue for the glue holding the two planes apart). I then made objects in the foreground darker than those in the background to suggest depth to the viewer, helping the object feel more three dimensional vs. two dimensional.
In creating this I found the perspective drawing to be the most difficult. I tried to include vanishing points/lines to help myself in drawing the elevation as well as to help the viewer understand the way in which I was looking at the structure when drawing it.

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