Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shading Variations Using Cross-Hatching, Hatching, Stippling, Scribbling and News Print

In class we were asked to create a board showing different shading variations using the techniques currently being taught: cross-hatching, hatching, stippling and scribbling. We were then asked to create a fifth variation using news print tear outs to further help us in our understanding of shading values.

This is the board I turned in for his assignment:

I found when doing this assignment I really enjoyed putting together the news print and scribbling gradients. Out of the four shading techniques being taught, I find I enjoy scribbling the most. Which, I think is due to the fact that I've always been sort of a "messy" drawer. I'm not much of a drawer to begin with (I don't think I'm horrible at it, I've just never really sat down too much in my life and drew for fun)... But, when I do, I like to sketch a lot, using short messy lines, sometimes scribbling things out. I like the overall effect this gives a drawing, so I think the "scribbling" technique just has a natural "pull" for me. I also enjoyed doing the newsprint variation just because I found it fun looking through the newspaper trying to find different inks that would create a good gradient when placed next to each other.
The technique I least favor has to be stippling. I like the overall effect given once the technique is completed. However, I find it time consuming and slightly tedious to accomplish this technique correctly and find myself wanting to "just be done with it"... Which I know isn't a good thing.   

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