Sunday, September 29, 2013

Song Project Process and Progress

When this project began I must say I had a difficult time choosing a song to go along with it... I've never been much of a "music person" in my life, instead I prefer visuals, a good storyline with visual stimulants vs. words with a beat in the background. Overall, I find film to "move" me more than a song; with music, I will normally listen to it because its catchy not because I find it meaningful in some manner...

So, with this in mind I chose to find a song from a film I enjoy watching due to the storyline and visual elements used. The song I chose was Rerezzed by The Glitch Mob/ Daft Punk a remix done from the song Derezzed by Daft Punk used in the film Tron. I've been a fan of Sci-Fi/Fantasy type films for some time now, I find most of it thought provoking and often things filtered in this genre have very strong visual elements that I find very enjoyable.

I'd been a fan of the original Tron for some time, when the re-make came out in theatres I found it to be mind blowing. Not only did the story mesh so well with the original, (which often, I find, sequels and re-do's don't) but the visuals were amazing, and the music used only added to the overall feeling the film gave the viewer.

With my final decision on the song in mind I began working on the first rendition of the project...

The drawings used in this rendition were drawn in class during the 25 minute drawing segment. When drawing them I found that I focused on both elements of the song (things it made me "feel") and elements from the movie. For example there's a green light-cycle (from the movie) and computer with wave forms on the screen (from the song)...
When I began shooting the photos in use on the board I began to focus more on the song than on the movie; ways the song made me feel... Since its a Techno song, I chose to focus on hard, tough, electric, structural things and photographed objects that reminded me of that....
When putting the drawings on the board with the photos I chose to arrange them in a equalizer format, most often seen when viewing music on a computer or switch panel. I purposefully mixed the drawings and photographs together to represent a meshing of the two-so that the viewer wouldn't think one was more important that the other.
After taking a step back and looking at how to improve upon this I began my second rendition:
With this rendition, I chose to first improve upon the drawings and thought about possible ways in which I could do that. Eventually, after some thought on the matter I chose to focus the drawings on things I found interesting visually from the film since I focused the photographs on feelings I got from the song; so they would mesh well together; (since the film is as important to me as the song is, I chose to highlight the film in some way in this project). After drawing 25 drawings, I then decided to play with the placement. This time trying the waveform format vs. the equalizer format. I found that I liked this layout better than the first as it felt a little "freer" than the first which I thought related to the song as Techno can be either very structured or somewhat chaotic, Rerezzed being a bit of both.  
I then began working on the third rendition:
I chose to work/focus on the layout in this rendition because I felt I'd worked out the drawings and photos in the past two iterations and thought there were where they needed to be for the project. So, to change/improve the layout, I thought about Techno, what is it? How do you make it? What does it look like? What does it sound like? etc. etc. I then thought about the movie... What's it about? It's about programs, grids, games, lights, electronics, etc. etc., so, how do you show that? What I came up with was a laptop type layout. I felt it showed the viewer both what type of music I chose and was trying to portray here and also a bit about the film I selected it from-a double whammy. Overall, I was really happy with the progression I made while working on this project.
The following are close up images of the 25 drawings and 25 photos used on the second and third renditions, (the photos are also used on the first rendition, the drawings are however different in the first iteration).
25 Drawings:
25 Photos:

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