Monday, September 2, 2013

Stick Assemblage Drawings

Below are the drawings I created for the Unity Project done in class.

For the first drawing I originally envisioned doing a "sun coming over the horizon line" sort of shape. However, after selecting my sticks and laying them out on the sheet of bristol paper, I realized I couldn't fit them all down on the page in that specific layout, and had to rethink the way I wanted to present them to the viewer. (I realize this was "poor" planning, and learned from this experience-I should've taken my bristol paper with me when selecting sticks to make sure they'd fit in the format I wanted them to). That being said, after rethinking the layout, I ended up with a "fan" shape. I chose to describe each individual stick to the viewer, instead of clumping the descriptions as a whole, as I felt for the large part, my twelve sticks were all different in some way and I wanted the viewer to know that when looking at the drawing.

For the second drawing I took what I learned from the first drawing's in-class critique and tried to apply it to the second rendition. For example it was mentioned that my first drawing didn't contain any shadows under the stick, making them appear to sort of "float" in mid-air on the page. I didn't think about adding in shadows during my first drawing, and after hearing that, I thought maybe I should've included them to give the viewer a sense of depth and movement to the stick. I also played around with the layout of the sticks. For this rendition I chose to incorporate a layout that suggested a sort of "naturalness" to the viewer. I wanted them to feel like this may have been how I found them and just started to draw vs. purposefully manipulating them into a layout I thought was "nice". I then decided to try writing a paragraph about the sticks as a whole instead of just adding in random adjectives to describe each individual stick.

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