Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stick Assemblage Process and Progression

When I began working on this project, I knew I wanted to relate, through my sticks, something you'd probably find them in in nature naturally-without any help from human hands. After brainstorming a bit, I began working on a birds nest. I thought this was a fantastic structure to make these sticks into because one may come across, in their daily life, a birds nest in a nearby tree made of similar sticks (as well as maybe some pine needles and other sorts of "insulators").

After setting off to assemble the birds nest I realized after I was done attaching most of the sticks together, that if I turned the structure upside down, I got what, to me, looked like a baby's mobile. Now, I know a baby's mobile is by all means not something you'd "naturally" see made out of back yard sticks-or anywhere in nature for that matter-which was my original plan/idea; but it felt "good" to me, seeing the "unplanned" idea take shape. So, I went with it; I thought the mobile looked great and "divorced" myself from my original idea of "birds nest" and went on my merry way to create a baby's mobile.

After attending class and receiving critiques on my structure I began brainstorming new ideas. I pulled the sticks apart and played with them. I watched how they laid with one another, tossed them in the air and watched how they landed, to try and get a feel for different ways of working with them based on how they "interacted" with each other.
A way of laying the sticks together.

Another variation of laying the sticks together.

Observing the way the sticks fall after being thrown in the air.
I then began my next structure, I wasn't sure where I was going with this one, but instead I just let the sticks "work" together. Adding one stick after another to see how it came out in the end. I ended up with what reminded me of a Christmas Tree star/topper.
After completing this, I felt like I should try my original idea, letting the sticks "stay" with nature; and form them into a "natural" object you may find them in. I'd already tried a birds nest and ended up liking an all together different variation of it. So, I went with another "natural" brainstormed object I'd originally thought of: a dead/dormant tree.
This ended up being my final piece, as I felt it related to both myself and the sticks very well. The sticks being that they stayed in a state you may naturally see them in-instead of being forced into something they're not; and related to me in the light of my winter/cold loving habits as well as the nature loving characteristics I hold within my personality. 


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