Saturday, September 28, 2013

Textbook Exercises 2-1 through 2-3

The following is a picture of the drawings I completed for the textbook assignments 2-1 through 2-3:

In working on exercise 2-1 I found that I had a hard time blending the spherical object I made in the area the "light" was hitting it; and it ended up being a bit darker than I'd wanted. I like the pyramid I drew, I find it interesting to look at-which I know isn't the point of the assignment (make something interesting to look at)-but I'm just drawn to look at that image first when viewing the 2-1 drawings.
In working on exercise 2-2 I was extremely disappointed in the third shape drawn. I felt it didn't appear round to the viewer, but because this exercise was done in pen-I couldn't erase it to try to fix it; and I felt that trying to add more ink here and there only made it worse. Overall, I'm most disappointed in that one drawing from all the drawings done in these exercises.
Again, I'm drawn to look at the pyramid shape in this exercise. I do feel that I should've made one of the shaded areas a tad bit lighter than the other to show variation and difference between the two spaces but because it was pen and they were already so dark I found this a difficult task to fix-but I do know in the future to do this, so it wasn't for nothing.
In exercise 2-3 I thought I would have a harder time in drawing the stairs and was quite amazed with myself in looking at how they turned out (I found the trick was to go slow in drawing this). I feel out of the two staircases drawn here I enjoy looking at the pen drawing vs. the pencil drawing more because I can see some lightness/darkness variations. I found the pencil drawing harder to show lightness/darkness variations while using the scribbling technique.
Overall, I think my drawings came out well. 

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