Monday, September 9, 2013

Understanding Dialog Project - Parti/Collage

The collage I made showing inspiration for possible ideas for the current project being worked on: Understanding dialog...

I chose to keep this collage in a black and white tone because one of the few rules the project has, states that we are not allowed to alter the color of the materials being used in any way; so, I didn't want color to be a distraction. I then made a choice to focus on geometric designs, as I currently feel a "pull" towards architecture with strong geometric shapes in them (that may change in the future, who knows). After those decisions were made, I tried to use photos I personally took throughout the entire collage; but alas, I have yet to go to Paris (although I would love to visit one day) to view the Louvre and Eiffel Tower as well as see Stonehenge so those are not "my" images. However, the columns shown from the Jefferson memorial and Washington monument in Washington D.C, the Chinese building from Walt Disney World Epcot China and the background image (you can see brief spots of it in the upper right hand side of the collage) taken from the Walt Disney World Epcot Spaceship Earth were all taken by myself in my life travels and found to be wonderful design in some way or another. Finally, I looked up the number twelve online and did a small bit of research on things the number is found in and the significance it plays in various things in the world; I then did a faint overlay over the entire image with some facts I learned. (I did this because twelve seems to play an important role in this project-12 shish kabob sticks, 12 4x6 paper planes and a 12x12 collage).

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