Saturday, September 14, 2013

Understanding Dialog-Stucture Process and Progression

When beginning the Dialog project in class, I brainstormed for awhile on what I thought would make a great structure with two spaces "speaking" to one another. What I came up with is as follows:
Structure #1: 

In making this arrangement I envisioned something like a building attached to an architectural/artistic structure in the back. Imagining that a person would maybe walk up behind the structure on the way to the building/encasement. 
In building this piece I knew I wanted a few things: I wanted to build off of the parti I had previously made, I wanted it to be circular in some way, and I wanted it to look (at least a little) like the image I had produced in my head. Two of the three occurred, pretty good odds, at least for the first rendition.
For the encasement, I had difficulty in making it circular. I had originally wanted it to be completely circular, kind of like a ball with a flat bottom when attached to the sticks. But I found to have some difficulty in manipulating the paper and what came out is as shown above... Because that didn't work, I did however, try to give it that sense of a circular shape in the bend in the back and front of the encasement. Overall, I knew I needed to improve upon that.
The next thing I knew almost immediately that needed to be improved upon was the base. I originally bought (shown here in my first structure rendition) a fake plant foam base. I had never used one of those before and at the store it was shrink wrapped so I was unable to feel the texture in my hands. Upon opening it at home, I knew immediately I would be buying a different material in making my next structure. The foam here (was not only a distracting green) flaked all over you or anything it touched, leaving a trail of small green colored crumbs everywhere.
So, after completing this structure and learning from my "mistakes" I went on to complete the next:
Structure #2:
With this structure I was able to manipulate the paper in a better way, almost getting that ball effect I originally was looking for-but still not quite. The base used here was also a huge improvement. It not only stayed whole (no flaking) but it was much sturdier as well-which was fantastic. I originally bought the green fake planters foam-because I was unaware of the world of foam... But after learning from my mistake, I took a step back and thought "what would be the ideal foam?" what came to mind after I asked myself that question was a foam head I used to use when photographing crochet hats I'd made in the past-the foam used for that head would be great! So I searched for that exact foam, when I found it, I knew it was a much better product, making my design not only better visually, but structurally as well.
Lastly, upon second glance at my first structure, I decided that I should try to re-enforce the connection between the sticks and planes; making the connection between the two stronger....
After that was achieved, I looked at the piece, and thought up additional ways in which to improve the design and began working on my final structure...
Structure #3-Final:
With the final structure I decided that the encasement will probably look better inside the sticks instead of off to the side. And, after the piece was completed-I think that thought was right... It wasn't my original plan (having the encasement off to the side so that it appeared to be a building playing off a structural piece), but overall, I feel this rendition worked better than my original idea.   
I created the center encasement by making two "pizza" circles (in that there are five triangular shaped planes that form a circle). I then attached a smaller circle located in the center of each larger circle to conceal the top and bottom of the small stick supporting the middle of the larger planes (so they don't sag down because of the pull of gravity). I created the bottom circle to interlock with the sticks, while the larger circle will just touch them on the sides. I felt this included the sticks but kept the spaces separate in some way-defining that there is a difference between the two.
I then, again, changed the base, although you cannot see it in the photos, due to the top being so large and opaque. The base I used in this rendition is toroidal.  I liked this effect as it added to the whole circular "theme" going on in the piece. I again used the same foam material as I did for the second structure, as I found it to be very sturdy.
Overall, I wanted a structure that was strong, something I could shake all over the place and not worry about it falling apart. I also wanted something that played off some of the angles found in the parti I'd made. I feel like I achieved that in this final; and working through the three different structures helped me get there.  

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