Saturday, October 5, 2013

Exploration of Font

In beginning this project I first began by making the font board shown below:

In choosing the fonts found here, I just used what I thought "caught my eye" for some reason or another. I tried looking for fonts that weren't typically seen/used as well as those that were, to kind of compare and contrast the two. I looked for things that looked more natural (hand written) and typed, colored and not colored, italicized and bold, etc.

From there, I created two more boards using the same guidelines as I used when I created the one above.

From there I explored with different ways of writing out the first word in my Cinquain; which was electronic.
In creating this piece, I tried various different ways of writing out this word. I tried "boxy" letters, skinny letters, I tried italicized and bold. I tried writing with my left hand, mouth and both feet (one at a time of course), cursive, "bubbly", architectural lettering, etc.
Anything and everything that ran across my mind at the time of doing this exercise...
After doing this, what I felt to be the most representative of the word (that is something that could visually say the word without having to read the word) was the red and green "electronic" (third one down from the top left). This actually happened by mistake-I happened to accidentally misspell the word (brief lapse of concentration for a moment while writing this word...) so, to counteract the fact that I'd misspelled the word, I retraced it over a few times with the same pen I'd started out with (red), then I thought: "maybe you should add in its compliment, see what happens..." so I added in the green and voilà, I got that result. A perfect random happenstance that I feel ended in great success.
From here, I continued working on the cinquain wording. I knew the first word but was still sorting out the rest. The final results of that can be viewed in my "font book" (as well as the work sheets I made while figuring out the poem-also in my font book).
And lastly, I began the font book previously mentioned. In this book I added in all the things I'd been working on up to this point. Created a name tag for the cover that I felt said my name and who I am without having to actually read my name. (Which in my case involved yarn, as I love to crochet when I get the chance to). I then created a monogram for my name, again using the theme of yarn. In the book, I added in the poems I created during this exploration.  This includes both the final cinquain and stein poems along with the work sheets I made while working up to their final iterations. I added in diagrams for typography and unfamiliar words that I had to look up. Then, from there, my fonts began to burst at the seams; this time organizing them better than previously done on the boards shown above. I organized them (not in this order) by letter, number, underlined, bold, skinny, italic, cursive, handwritten, "boring" traditional text, three dimensional, different "catchy" fonts, and many, many more. I then taped over the entire font book with packaging tape in hopes of giving it an overall uniformed feeling. (This also added durability and a hefty thickness to the pages that I quite enjoy).
Cover of font book:

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