Saturday, October 5, 2013

In Class Value Study of Pumpkins.

The following image is the drawing I created while participating in the in class value study of the pumpkins brought in by Professor Burrowes and Professor McGee:

I chose to use the shading technique of cross-hatching when working on this drawing because I felt it was the best option to help give the effect of roundness. Of the four techniques: cross-hatching, hatching, stippling and scribbling; I personally prefer to use scribbling but when approaching this assignment I felt this shading technique would be difficult to help show a visual curvature to the pumpkin. I did feel that stippling may have been a good option-however, it would've taken days if not weeks to complete this drawing by using that particular technique, so I decided against that. I also felt because hatching is only used with the lines going one way it may be difficult to illustrate a spherical object with that method. So, through process of elimination and careful examination of my subject, I chose to draw the pumpkins in the cross-hatching shading technique.

When drawing, I chose to use a 2H pencil. I do realize that using possibly a softer pencil would have resulted in dark shading on the pumpkins; however, I don't personally like using softer pencils due to the smudges they so often leave behind when working on a piece. I usually feel by the end of the drawing that it's become more of a blurred mess then a well designed and thought out drawing/illustration. So, when given the choice I will choose a harder pencil for drawing. I did however use a 4B pencil to help with the shadows that the pumpkins were casting. I drew in the shadows on all the pumpkins last so that the softer graphite didn't smudge into the cleaner lines of the pumpkins previously drawn.

Overall, I feel this drawing came out well. I like the way the pumpkins came out and feel that they do have a sort of spherical/three-dimensional feeling to them on the page vs. your traditional two-dimensional drawings.

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