Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lobby Exibitition-The Wall

In beginning of this project, my group worked together in coming up with an idea/plan for the overall layout of the wall in the lobby we were tasked with covering. After we agreed on an overall layout, we then began brainstorming on ideas as to what we felt should be pinned up from our studio class' past/current work. We felt that redrawing a few of the 25 thumbnail sketch's for the individual song project on an 8x8 sheet of paper would be a good place to start. We then agreed that we should task ourselves and the class with writing out our individual song titles in a font we felt worked with the name of the song. The last item we agreed to have pinned up was the reworked Stein poem poster we were currently working on at the time in class.

Below is a few photographs of our groups progression with the overall project. (Please note that I'm not in any of the shots as I was behind the camera).

The following is an image of the song titles I personally created for the wall:
I choose this font type because my individual song is categorized as "techno" and I felt this fit the "theme" of that. There are two because I started out with "Derezzed" and chose to change over to "Rerezzed" before I began working on the previous song project. Rerezzed is just a remix of Derezzed, so I felt the same font should be used for both.
The following images are 8x8 thumbnails I created for the wall:

We were only required to make one song title and one 8x8 thumbnail for the wall, but I felt I should do more of both, the song title has already been explained.
This is another link to my individual song.
Overall I felt our group worked well together and I enjoyed the project. 

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