Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Music Video Project

In the beginning of this project, we were presented with the idea that we needed to create a music video (either individually or in a group) that we felt "went" with the song without making it too literal.
Working in a group (Ashley W. and I) came up with the following storyboard for the song Jolene covered by Miley Cyrus; (originally written and sung by Dolly Parton).

We chose to create the music video using drawn stop-animation that focused on a relationship between a flower and a bumble bee.
In the song, a woman is begging another woman to not take her significant other from her, as she can see that he finds her attractive and could easily loose him to her charming ways. To put a "spin" on this Ashley and I choose to focus this on a flower and a bee instead of a man and woman just to give it a different perspective.
In the storyboard, you can see a flower growing in an empty field of grass. Soon, a bee enters the picture and a relationship "blooms" between the two. Not long after this, another, more vibrant, taller, less curvy flower appears alongside the already existing flower. It doesn't take long for the bee to notice the presence of the new flower, and is intrigued by it. It flies over to get a good look. While this is occurring the old flower is saddened by this turn of events and wonders to itself "what's wrong with me?", eventually bringing it to tears. The bee notices what's going on and flies back over to the old flower to both comfort it and reassure that its love has never left.
The video for this video can be found on YouTube at this link.
In creating this video, a lot of thought went into placement of the flowers, coloring, and shape. After, this was settled, I drew over 120 frames for the 1 min video that was the end result... The drawings were scanned into the computer to be used in the video later during the editing process. I then edited the song down, as Ashley and I both thought the 50 or so "Jolene" repetitions in the song were unneeded and unnecessary to get the point across to the viewer. We both edited the video together using Adobe Premiere Pro.  
UPDATE 10/19/2013
This is the "movie" poster created by Ashley W. and I for the music video.

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