Friday, October 4, 2013

Two Fruits Shade Value Study

The images below were created for the homework given by Professor Burrowes and Professor Mcgee.

This drawing was done first when I began working on this homework. I chose to study two lemons in this rendition because lemons are one of my favorite fruits to have on hand for use in my tea (which I often drink when I'm home).

I started this by setting the two lemons on my drafting table at home and making sure there was a good light source on them (showing low lights and high lights). I then began the drawing image first. I used the cross-hatch shading technique for this assignment as I felt it best fit the subject I was drawing with the use of a 2H pencil (one of my personal favorite drawing pencil weights). Once the lemon drawings were complete I began working on the newsprint image.

In working on the newsprint image I first began by looking through the newspaper to find ideal color variations and made sort of "confetti" on my drafting table. I then began picking pieces up and laying them on the paper to see if it would "fit" with the shadows and highlights being casted on the actual lemons in front of me. After some time and consideration the newsprint image above came into being.

I then began working on the second rendition to further practice with this value study.

With this image I chose to focus on an orange and apple for less significant reasons than the lemons as they were on hand and easily accessible when I opened the fridge.

I did the same drawing method with these two fruits; positioned them on my drafting table, found a good light source angle and began drawing them. This was followed by working on the newsprint portion of the assignment.

Overall, I think the lemon image came out "better" than the orange and apple image. However, I feel they're both done well and I'm proud of them both.

I have found that I like doing the newspaper value study-we've done this twice now; (with this assignment and the shading variation drawing we previously made). I'm not sure why but I just really enjoy doing the value study in the newsprint, and think that overall, was what drove me to want to do a second rendition of this project/assignment.

UPDATE 10/11/2013

After having done various value practice studies for class, I've come to believe this study to be the best value study done by myself. Specifically, I feel this way towards the lemons, as I think the value represented in the piece is done really well in both the pencil drawing and paper collage. (However, I do feel the orange & apple rendition is also done really well also).

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