Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gatewood Building Exploration

In working on the Campus Tour Book due at the end of the semester, I chose to do a few extra drawings in the Gatewood building to help convey the storyline of myself traveling from Gatewood to the campus library in the book.

I started by drawing my own desk in studio (as a beginning point/starting place for the storyline in the book). I think the shading in this illustration came out well. I did have trouble with the blinds. They were really tedious to do and I wasn't able to get them evenly spaced-but I did try my best with them. I don't think they're horrible. But I'm sure with further work and practice they could be done better in future drawings.

This image was scanned using the scanners in the IAr computer lab.
From there I worked on the stairwell in the Gatewood building to show my beginning travels to the library. I'm really proud of this drawing because the staircases directions can be easily seen and understood by the eye; which is something I was really worried about being able to convey when I began working on this drawing.

This image was scanned using the scanners in the IAr computer lab.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Drawing Exercise from Page 101

The illustration below is a drawing done from page 101 in our textbook Design Drawing by Francis D.K. Ching.

The image above was scanned using the IAr computer lab.
I enjoyed doing this exercise because it helped me focus on the lines when you're trying to draw a scene-which I sometimes have trouble with. So, it's been pretty helpful in doing the library drawings (which were done after this exercise was completed). 

Inside Library Drawings

The following drawings were done inside the library of the people around and surrounding objects:

(This image was scanned using the IAr computer lab).
This drawing was done in my sketchbook first, and I feel it came out well, possibly better than the drawing done after (shown below). Some things aren't proportionate but overall it came out like the real life surroundings at the time. I tried messing with shading to show depth, detail and relative closeness to me. The girl drawn in the image is Abby E.  

(This image was scanned using the IAr computer lab).
When doing this drawing I had difficulty with the ceiling tiles and finding the horizon line; so, due to that I feel the overall "feeling" the image gives off is a bit skewed or unrealistic. Again, I messed with shading to give the viewer a sense of depth, detail and relative closeness. The girl drawn here is unknown (random pedestrian using the library).
From here I moved into drawing another image in the library onto a larger sheet of paper, an 18x24:
(The above image was scanned in the IAr computer lab.)
After the class critique on the above image, the class went back into the library and drew 4 more quick sketch's in our sketch books of scenes viewed out of the windows. I chose to draw 4 different images from various floors (7th, 8th and 9th facing both the North and South sides for variety in view). Each image was drawn within 15 minute intervals, not giving much time for detail but instead giving enough time to capture the overall shapes and figures being seen:

(This image was scanned using the IAr computer lab).
This drawing was done from the library's 9th floor-south view.
 This image was drawn first. After "completing" the drawing (I should say running out of time) I realized I was spending too much time trying to capture the smaller details; so, I stopped working on it and moved on to the next scene/drawing knowing I should focus on that one differently than I did during this one.
(This image was scanned using the IAr computer lab).
This was drawn from the 9th floor-north view.
This was the second drawing completed in my sketch book. Although this one looks horribly messy and incomplete I feel it was overall successful at capturing the shapes and figures I saw while sitting in the library looking out. I do realize that someone else looking at this image probably wouldn't be able to understand everything going on, but I felt it was helpful in prepping for the 18x24 image we would be completing after this exercise.
(This image was scanned using the IAr computer lab).
 This was the third image drawn while sitting in the library. It was drawn from the 8th floor-north view.

(This image was scanned using the IAr computer lab).
This drawing was done last from the library's 7th floor-north side.
After completing these quick sketches, I then began working on a more complete/polished view from the library on an 18x24 sheet of drawing paper:
(This image was scanned in the IAp computer lab).
This drawing was done through the library's 8th floor window facing the north side.
While working on this drawing I had a hard time distinguishing the various trees without the use of actual color (because in person they were various shades of orange, yellow, brown and red). After working on the buildings and the overall outline of each tree (giving myself time to think about this "problem") I settled on the idea of using various grades of pencil weight to try and demonstrate to the viewer of this image that the trees illustrated were different tones; gradually getting lighter towards the back to help signify distance and blur. Overall, I feel this image was pretty successful. It's not a realistic drawing of the trees but I feel the viewer gets the idea of what they are viewing without the image being "photographic"-which is something I like.
** On a side note: when I scanned in the images from my sketch book using the scanner in the IAr computer lab, I noticed that the illustration drawn on the opposite side of the page shows through. After trying to tweak the image using Photoshop I came to the conclusion that I could not successfully get rid of that without distorting the image I'm trying to capture... 
Update 11/27/2013:
In compiling images/illustrations for the Campus Tour Book due at the end of the semester, I chose to revisit the library and draw an image of the elevators on the main floor to help with my "storyline"...
When I was sitting on the floor drawing this image, the lighting and position I was in made the elevator doors look a bit like black voids, which I thought was a little "creepy" but at the same time, somewhat interesting, so instead of moving to get a better view of them I chose to draw them as I saw them to add some visual interest to the drawing. Overall, I'm really happy with the illustration. 

Outside Library and Bell Tower Exploration

When beginning this exploration I began by taking a picture of both the bell tower on Spring Garden and the library, so that I can map out the vanishing points on paper to further help me understand where they go for the hand drawing I would follow up with.
Bell Tower
Bell Tower Drawn Out Vanishing Points
Library Drawn Out Vanishing Points
After working out the vanishing point locations I began drawing the photographs taken above on an 18x24 sheet of paper:

Bell Tower
After the class critique on the images above, Stole mentioned I should add in more dimension and value to the bell tower illustration. The following image is further work I did on the drawing:
In re-working this image I chose to darken in some of the foliage and show shadow and a bit more detail on the clock tower to give the viewer a sense of importance. After doing this I think it's more interesting to look at.
I scanned the image above using the scanner in the IAr computer lab (the images above were taken with a point and shoot camera).
Update 11/27/2013:
After seeing the outcome of further work on the bell tower I did the same to the library illustration I did previously...

This image was scanned using the IAr computer lab.

While reworking this drawing I made sure to add in contrast to show lighting and further detail. I think it made the illustration much better.
The following image is an illustration done of the Bell tower focusing half of the drawing on shading and the other half on line. I think out of all the drawings and re-workings done on the library and bell tower I'm most happy with this illustration. I really like the contrast between the line and shading.
This image was scanned in the IAr computer lab.