Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gatewood Building Exploration

In working on the Campus Tour Book due at the end of the semester, I chose to do a few extra drawings in the Gatewood building to help convey the storyline of myself traveling from Gatewood to the campus library in the book.

I started by drawing my own desk in studio (as a beginning point/starting place for the storyline in the book). I think the shading in this illustration came out well. I did have trouble with the blinds. They were really tedious to do and I wasn't able to get them evenly spaced-but I did try my best with them. I don't think they're horrible. But I'm sure with further work and practice they could be done better in future drawings.

This image was scanned using the scanners in the IAr computer lab.
From there I worked on the stairwell in the Gatewood building to show my beginning travels to the library. I'm really proud of this drawing because the staircases directions can be easily seen and understood by the eye; which is something I was really worried about being able to convey when I began working on this drawing.

This image was scanned using the scanners in the IAr computer lab.

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