Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Outside Library and Bell Tower Exploration

When beginning this exploration I began by taking a picture of both the bell tower on Spring Garden and the library, so that I can map out the vanishing points on paper to further help me understand where they go for the hand drawing I would follow up with.
Bell Tower
Bell Tower Drawn Out Vanishing Points
Library Drawn Out Vanishing Points
After working out the vanishing point locations I began drawing the photographs taken above on an 18x24 sheet of paper:

Bell Tower
After the class critique on the images above, Stole mentioned I should add in more dimension and value to the bell tower illustration. The following image is further work I did on the drawing:
In re-working this image I chose to darken in some of the foliage and show shadow and a bit more detail on the clock tower to give the viewer a sense of importance. After doing this I think it's more interesting to look at.
I scanned the image above using the scanner in the IAr computer lab (the images above were taken with a point and shoot camera).
Update 11/27/2013:
After seeing the outcome of further work on the bell tower I did the same to the library illustration I did previously...

This image was scanned using the IAr computer lab.

While reworking this drawing I made sure to add in contrast to show lighting and further detail. I think it made the illustration much better.
The following image is an illustration done of the Bell tower focusing half of the drawing on shading and the other half on line. I think out of all the drawings and re-workings done on the library and bell tower I'm most happy with this illustration. I really like the contrast between the line and shading.
This image was scanned in the IAr computer lab.

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