Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Analytical vs. Intuitive

In thinking about my own creative thought process, I'd have to say that I'm more of an analytical person. I do believe when being creative on any level you need to have a little bit of both characteristics; however, I think I'm by far more of an analytical person, and here's why:

When I begin any project, whether it be something made for my personal life or school/work I begin by asking myself a series of questions: "what is this?", "what do I/they want?", "what does it feel/look/taste like?", "what's the best way to make this?", "should I make a blueprint/map for it first?" and so on... I then sometimes make up plans in my mind or on paper before I begin the project to help eliminate flaws/mistakes from the process-which helps to save time, effort and money (because supplies are less likely to be wasted). I find that by doing this I usually end up with an end product/design that is or as close to my original idea-which I personally like.

However, after saying all this, I do think being slightly intuitive in the creative process is a must. Sometimes, as I work on a project I'll do something that makes me realize "hey this may work/look a lot better if I do this to this" which is unplanned and more intuitive or "go with the flow"; which sometimes is necessary in making your craft better in the end.

So, to summarize I'm almost all analytical with a dash of intuitive characteristics in my own creative process. ;)

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