Friday, December 6, 2013

Final Exhibition

On Wednesday December 4th 2013 our studio class held a final Exhibition where we displayed some of (or all) of the work we created during the fall 2013 semester in our IAr 101 studio class.

The photos below are of the entire room and the work of my peers:

After walking around the room and looking at all the things created by my peers Wednesday morning, I was blown away at everyone's creativity and very happy to have them around me in our IAr community.

The following images are of my own individual exhibition table:

In putting my exhibition table together I chose to focus on all the projects I created in the song/stein poem project exploration. A link to the blog that talks about these items can be found here. (click on the word "here").
I liked the idea of displaying projects that all had a connection to each other in some way as it showed an overall cohesive thought process. I think overall, my individual the table and exhibition as well as my peers tables and exhibitions went really well. :)

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