Friday, January 31, 2014

Exercise 6.1 through 6.3

We were asked to complete exercises 6.1 through 6.3 for homework this last week. When I started this exercise/practice I had a very difficult time understanding how to solve the puzzles laid out before me on the pages. I'd never had experience figuring out this type of "puzzle" and I felt the textbook was too vague on instruction for my novice skills regarding this topic.

However, after pushing through it and some hard thinking (and online research) I was able to complete the task at hand:

After doing to class the next day we were asked to redo this assignment using rulers/T-squares/triangles and such to create cleaner lines.

I do still feel like I'm a bit slow with these drafting "mind puzzles" but I know with time I'll get the hang of it. 

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