Friday, January 31, 2014

In Class Drafting Practice

On Tuesday January 28th we were shown how to draw/draft orthographic view points during lecture/class. From there we were tasked with creating our own orthographic view in class so we could ask for help if we needed it while working. The following image is the practice I did while in class.

I feel like this was fairly simple to do. I feel if you understand measurements and how they are multiplied or divided this is a relatively simple thing to do. I do however have a hard time "cutting corners" while doing this. By that I mean using T-squares and triangles to speed up the process. I know less steps create faster speed and less chances of error, however I'm most often the type of person who likes to do things the long and difficult way because I feel like in the end I have a better result. I've had that issue my whole life, and know I will have to continue to working with the T-square and triangles to become more comfortable with them.

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