Friday, January 17, 2014

Mumbai, India Presentation Board

During the first week of class we were challenged to research a city (drawn randomly from a bowl) and create a submission board about the public art that can be found there. We were also asked to include images of 2D, 3D and 4D art. The following board was my end result:

The driving force, or motivation for doing this in class was to research the public art in different cities around the world as a class, so that we could possibly gain a better idea or draw inspiration for a design we could create for the brick wall in Glenwood, Greensboro.

When researching Mumbai, I found that the city is proud of three major things: their past, recent and future plans to further modernize the city with the use of new innovative architecture designs. They also pride themselves on their morals and religion. Many temples and museums can be found around Mumbai that pay tribute to religious matters as well as people of significant importance, not only to Mumbai but the world (i.e. Gandhi). And recently Mumbai has also begun a yearly artist festival that is held every year, in which local artist from around Mumbai come together and display their work to others.

On this board and in my research of the city I think my two favorite images are the yellow Volkswagen beetle and the museum for Gandhi (picture shown on the middle bottom). I felt the yellow beetle was significant because the artist whom created it,  Haribaabu Naatesan, made the piece out of 2805 recycled pieces of scrap metal that included spark plugs, speakers, bottle caps, mother boards, cassette tapes and other materials. The artist said when he was working on the piece he was inspired by his own religions belief of reincarnation. I find that to be very interesting and relevant because that idea (inspiration from a belief of common moral) could be applied to the creation of the mural/wall in Glenwood.

The museum for Gandhi was also striking because it showed the communities tie to their religious and moral beliefs by celebrating the achievements and standards of life set forth by this remarkable man.

In regards to other classmates work on different cities, I was drawn to a few images that I thought could be used and relevant to the re-vamp of the wall in Glenwood.

I felt drawn to this image from the Hamburg board created by Hayden, because I felt the sculpture here was a little comical and whimsy and thought maybe something of that nature would be fitting in the Glenwood neighborhood to bring the locals a bit of comic relief in their day to day life as they pass by it each day.

I felt the light installation shown above from the Jerusalem board created by Karina was an interesting concept that could also be played out on the wall in Glenwood in some way that would possibly make it more interesting to look at than a typical painted mural. 

I think out of all the images I saw on the city boards, the above image and idea was most creative and could be a fantastic idea for the Glenwood wall. The above image is from the Mexico City board  created by Tyson, the structure photographed is a piece that has plants installed that not only help the area aesthetically but also, it helps filter and clean the local air.

Lastly, I was drawn to the Stockholm board created by Katie because of the comical images shown of the ever popular and loved Disney princess's. I think something comical in any area like these images above could help any community because it puts a smile on someone's face when they see it. 

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