Friday, January 24, 2014

Name Tag Exploration

During the first week of class, we were tasked with drawing six of our classmates during class and creating a nametag for ourselves using the image we liked most. (You were given the image your classmate drew of you to keep).

The following images were drawn of me:
Drawn By: Abby

Drawn By: Amy

Drawn By: Ashley

Drawn By: Julia

Drawn By: Maggie

Drawn By: Taylor
After this exercise in class was completed, I began brainstorming ideas for my nametag. I knew I liked the use of yarn balls on my nametag last semester and wanted to incorporate those into the new name tag. I also liked the triangular shape I used because it helped the nametag stand up and appear polished.
Knowing those two things I came up with this final design:

I chose to use Taylor's image because I liked that she incorporated shading and detail into the drawing while many of the others hadn't. I also like how she captured my wild/unruly wavy hair (which was pulled back, but still very frizzy the day this was drawn).
I chose to write my name in a "swirly" cursive font because it went with my love of yarn (in my mind it resembles what a string of yarn would look like if you spelled my name out with it).  

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