Monday, January 27, 2014

Weeks One and Two in Studio and Drawing

During the first two weeks of class (Spring 2014) we focused a lot of our attention on the Glenwood mural that's been proposed for the IARc and Art students to complete by April 2014. As a class we were asked to create a few projects to help us gain further understanding of what might be a good place to start for the finished piece that will be used on the wall.

We began with creating a 30x30 display board focused on the public art found in a city that was assigned to us. I was assigned Mumbai and created the following board:

Further explanation for the board can be found here in a previous blog I created specifically for this project.

From there we were asked to walk through downtown Greensboro and take note and photos of the public art on display. I decided to use some images from my fiancé and I's engagement session (which was photographed in downtown Greensboro) that noted some public art.

This photo was taken near the Greensboro Public Transportation bus station. This mural focused a lot on love and happy feelings someone gets when they've found it. The colors used in it where very vibrant and bold which helped elicit the feeling of happiness.

This is a fountain that does different displays of waterworks throughout the day. Although this isn't a typical display of public art (paintings, murals and sculptures), I feel it could categorized as one because it is in the center of a small park in downtown Greensboro calling attention to its water work displays.

Lastly, I feel these doors are a beautiful display of public art. I know we were tasked with not focusing on architecture, however, the beauty of these doors should be noted. In walking around downtown Greensboro, I felt personally there was a lot of grey everywhere with small "splashes" of color here and there that called for your attention as you walked by them. These doors, which are attached to a bank, I believe are large and bold with beautiful texture that is a piece of art on its own.
From this point we split into groups where we were tasked with creating a map of Greensboro and  note points of public art on it that our group members found to help familiarize ourselves with the various public art on display in the area.
My group (James, Nikolai, Ashley and myself) created the following map:
The small * include places where public art can be seen on display around Greensboro.
From this point the department split us up into different groups with 1st through 4th IARc students, where we brainstormed ideas for the mural and upcoming discussion at the Café in Glenwood.
While working in my group we began by discussing the task at hand, and what the person living in Glenwood cares about, lives like etc. From there we split up and drew an idea we thought may work and discussed it within our group. I came up with the following idea for the mural:
The idea behind this sketch is a field of trees, all the same field but as the wall progresses left or right the seasons begin to change to symbolize change in our lives. Different types of trees would be painted to symbolize the different cultures/nationalities of the people living within the neighborhood. And, new growing trees would symbolize newer generations living within the neighborhood while the older more established trees would symbolize the older generations that have lived in the neighborhood for years.
*The sketch was done on trace paper with pencil which is the cause for the low grade scan/image shown above.
While working in our drawing class we focused a lot on different subject matters such as our name tags, architectural lettering and such. The following images are the projects we've completed for the drawing course:
Name tag drawings and final piece:

The above images were drawn by various members of the class. The final nametag it shown above. More information on this can be found here. 
From there we worked on our architectural lettering:

We were given an excerpt from the famous "I have a dream" speech Martin Luther King Jr. gave in Washington D.C. and asked to fill one page of graph paper with architectural lettering. I decided to write out the whole excerpt given to me; which can be seen above. More information on this can be found here.
Lastly, we were asked to draw out 24 2x2 boxes on an 12x17 inch paper where we would pick four images from our city board (mine was Mumbai) and redraw each image 6 times with various mediums.

The 24 drawings can be seen above and the actual images used for the drawings are listed below. More information on this can be found here.

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