Saturday, February 1, 2014

Concept Square

After completing our individual business study in our studio class (researching a specific business of our choosing and presenting to the class our findings on what makes their workplace a productive one); we were asked to complete a concept square were we focused on 2-3 words of our choosing (the words were pulled from the list of commonalities seen throughout all the businesses presented).

I chose the words: Organic and Natural

I chose to create this abstract piece based off of the movement and colors seen in a grapevine. I grew up in California, where I lived next to a grapevine field that I would often walk through with my mom as a young child. With the two words I chose, I focused my thoughts on grapevines because I felt they fit well with their description.

This is an image pulled from Google that resembles the grapes I would often see in the fields by my house. 

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