Sunday, March 30, 2014

Color Week

The class began color week shortly after our return from spring break. Below is an image of the work produced during the week:

The image shown above illustrates half the work I'd done during color week. The other half is currently waiting to be mounted on a board with the work shown above. I'm waiting for this display of color to come down before it is finished (as this will be mounted with it).  
I tried to do each item twice to challenge myself further with color to help gain a better understanding of how they work with each other.
*these items were not scanned because it blew the color way out of proportion. For example, a green would scan in as an orange-it was very odd and threw the color combinations off beyond belief.
Below are images of the entire classes work and its display on the wall in studio:  

UPDATE 4/10/2014:

After completion of color week, I decided to place the work I'd done on a board for better display. I also did a bit of "extra" work for personal study, so placing everything on a uniform board allowed for better viewing of the finished pieces. Below is an image of the board created:

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