Monday, March 31, 2014

My Big House in 1/4 Scale

Above is an image of the "My Big House" assignment completed for class(IARc 112). For this assignment we were asked to upscale a small thumbnail of the same image into 1/4"=1' scale. (Thumbnail shown below).
While doing this assignment I tried to learn faster ways of scaling items with my architectural ruler, although, I think I need more practice with this because it still took quite a bit of time to complete this assignment. I also tried to play with color while rendering, I tried to coordinate hues across the house without repeating too much of the same color but because my color pallet was limited (not enough colored pencils) I feel like I could work on this a bit more (starting with buying more colors).
Overall, I liked this assignment a lot as it was both fun and relaxing to work on. 

UPDATE 3/31/2014
After coming back from spring break, we worked a bit more on "my big house" this time focusing on section drawings from various points on the floor plan. The images below are my rough/first drafts of sections:
Section "A" and "B" shown above were taken directly from the original floor plans section indicators. I feel overall it was a good attempt, however, a few mistakes were made here and there that I was unaware of that I fixed in the second draft.

For section "C" and "D" I chose the location in which to focus the section drawing on. Because "A" and "B" were inside the homes interior I chose to focus "C" and "D" on the exterior (although section "C" is kind of a mix between interior and exterior; as it goes through the garage but not the front of the home). Again, some mistakes were made when I drew this out that I was unaware of and fixed in the second draft.

The above sections are the second drafts I did. I did them a little "out of order" when drawing them out on the tracing paper-which was unintentional but it just sort of happened that way. I chose to do another section drawing of the interior (section "E") that wasn't included in my rough draft sections. I wanted to try my hand at the fireplace within the space, because it sits at a diagonal. I found that drawing out things in a section that appear on a diagonal to be quite challenging (there are some steps in section "D" that are diagonal as well). So, I wanted to give myself another opportunity to try my hand at it. Through this process, and the smaller sections I did for "my little house" I've come to realize that I enjoy drawing sections out. I'm not exactly sure why but I find the process somewhat relaxing.

*You can see the sections I drew for "my little house" here in another blog posting.

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