Friday, March 21, 2014

My Little House

A few weeks ago, we began working on "My Little House" in our drawing/drafting class (IARc 112). The following are images of the work produced during this project:

When beginning this project, I found it easier to draw the house out on graph paper because the squares are all measured out for you, making your life a little easier as far as measurements go. Most of the class did these first 6 or so drafts on trash/tracing paper, but I decided to march to my own beat.

The first draft shown below was drawn out to the measurements given in class by Beth and Stole. This plan was referred to as the "existing" plan for the remainder of the project.

From there, I did a second draft correcting the mistake I made in the first draft (direction the house was drawn in).

Then we began adding in furniture (the dimensions of the furniture and placement, were also given by both Stole and Beth); and we raised the windows further off the ground and/or its location altogether to accommodate the furniture within the house. This was drawn out twice to illustrate the original "existing" plan with the furniture in it and then shown with the changes made and the furniture in the space:

The following drafts were done to illustrate the dimensions of the inside and outside of the house. While also being careful to note the window height/changes and overall room dimensions.
From there the drafts were done again on vellum to help polish the overall presentation of the completed work done so far. The following four images are of the existing floor plan, the redesigned floor plan with the furniture, as well as the dimensions of the exterior and interior.

 From there we were asked to redraw the floor plan out on vellum and render the space in a proposed color scheme. When I began this portion of the project I was relatively new to working with my Copic pens, and I feel that is a little evident in the rendering shown below. However, I do still like its eclectic, shabby chic color family...

We were then asked to draw out one point perspectives of the existing floor plan and the new proposed floor plan. This process was very time consuming, however, I really enjoyed the process and overall outcome of the drawings. I did change the overall proposed color scheme just to see what it would look like. With this color scheme I went with lighter tones, that I feel gave the space an overall "cheery" appearance.

This one point perspective is of the existing floor plan. ^

The top two images above are one point perspectives of the new proposed floor plan. ^

Then lastly, before spring break, we were tasked with drawing out 5 section drawings of the new proposed floor plan (not the existing floor plan). One of drawings was to be the actual floor plan and the next four were of possible furniture arrangements that could instead be made. The section drawing for the proposed floor plan is shown in the bottom middle image, the other 4 images are of possible furniture arrangements.

Looking back at this project I feel I learned a lot regarding dimensioning a room, both inside and outside as well as furniture. Also the one point perspective and sections drawings were really educational for me as I'd never attempted them before. I had a lot of fun completing this project due to all the things I was learning and watching them come together with further practice of each new task.
UPDATE 3/30/2014
After receiving some feedback from both classmates and my instructors on the section views done for "my little house" I updated them using the feedback I received. Below are the updated images:
The two most repeated critiques given about my section views involved the way in which I rendered the doors as well as the lack of figure references in the drawings. So, I tried my best to update those two things; I feel they look better now than they did prior to these revisions.  
UPDATE 5/1/2014
After receiving some feedback on how I could improve my one point perspectives of "This Little House" (and getting some extra time to re-draw them) I re-did all three, focusing on the feedback and trying to improve my rendering. Below are images of the one point perspectives I re-drew:

Areas of change:
  • Added a baseboard
  • Added depth to all windows (except back wall)
  • Added depth to door frame (except back wall)
  • Added depth to desk chair
  • Added countertop to kitchen counters
  • Added interest to outside of windows
  • Worked on improving rendering
  • Adding in more areas of shadow and light

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