Saturday, March 29, 2014

Platonic Forms Made to Honor Novem Mason

In honor of Novem Mason's pioneering advances within the Interior Architecture department during his chairmanship in the 1990's our class worked on platonic forms for the upcoming symposium the department is holding.

While working on this project, we focused on our craft, trying as best as we could humanly do to make the edges look as seamless as possible as well as making sure the size is where it needs to be. (12 inches in height/length/width depending on the shape each person was focusing on).

Below are images of the shapes I created for this project:

 These are the three Tetrahedron shapes I did for the project. The tetrahedron in the center was the first shape done, and is 10 inches in length vs. the required 12. I did this on purpose to get a feel for the material I chose to work with (foam core poster board) and also to help practice  with the gluing method I chose to work with (hot glue). From there I did two additional shapes in the correct dimensions required for the project.
 Top view of the three tetrahedron's.
 Side view of one of the 12 inch tetrahedron's and the shorter 10 inch one.
Grouping of all three tetrahedron's.
From there I chose to try my hand as making a platonic form out of what I love best-yarn! I worked for 4 straight days on this shape; first, creating the square panels needed for the sides out of white 4 play/weighted yarn. I chose to do this in a double crochet stitch with two strands of yarn at once to add weight a bulk to the piece so that the finished product would be thick, plush and less "hole" filled. After the panels were created I then slip stitch four together creating a bottomless and topless square. I then slip stitched the top onto the piece leaving a hole on the bottom to slip in the exoskeleton I created with wooden dowels and bristol board.
The next day in class I went down to the woodshop in the Gatewood building and cut four 12 inch dowels for the side posts of the shape. I then cut eight 11 inch dowels for the inserts between the side posts. Because the dowels were 1/2 inch in thickness around I knew the inserts needed to be 11 inches in length to create a 12x12x12 cubic box/shape. From there I hot glued Bristol board on the sides to add a bit of strength and durability to the overall shape. I then slipped on the crochet piece and slip stitched the remaining panel on the bottom.
Below are images of the final platonic form:

Image of one side of the piece.
A corner image of the piece.
I really enjoyed working on this project because it gave me an opportunity to work with a material I'd never really worked with in the past (foam core poster board) for anything other than a presentation board. I really liked cutting into that and seeing the shape come together. And, I love crocheting so working on the crochet piece was a lot of fun for me to think about how to execute this properly in order to create a clean polished piece. 

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