Friday, March 28, 2014

Push/Pin Board

Over winter break (2013) I worked on a push/pin board using the fabric I designed in my previous semesters studio class. Before leaving to go on winter break I took some time to cut out 4 pieces of wood to be used as the frame on the project as well as cut out a larger backing board for the piece using particle board. I then stained the frame with a walnut stain I felt would work with the hues found in the fabric.

From there I went to the local craft store and picked up a few buttons, some ribbon I felt worked with the piece and some quilting polyester backing. From there I began assembling the project. I began by stapling the quilting foam to the partial board backing I cut with a staple gun. I made sure to pay extra close attention to the corners and tightness of the overall foam, so when finished the piece wouldn't appear "loose and sloppy". I then cut out the appropriate amount of fabric needed and began stapling that on top of the foam and partial board backing. Again, paying attention to the edges, tightness and corners. I then arranged the ribbon in a criss-cross pattern I felt looked appealing and stapled that into position. From there, I took 1/2 long nails and hammered the ribbon together on the cross points in which it met another ribbon; and then glued the button into place covering the nail head. After that was all done, I assembled the frame around the board using a series of flat and "L" brackets.

The finished piece looks as follows:

I really enjoyed putting this piece together, because I love working with my hands and coming up with new, exciting and challenging things for myself to work out and try to complete. Also, I hate wasting materials. the wood used for this project came from a previous project I'd worked on in a past studio class (it was left over after I'd completed that project) and the fabric I had become attached to because I designed the pattern myself and didn't want to throw it away or see it sitting endlessly in a corner unused and untouched.

*More information regarding the inspiration behind the pattern design can be read here on my blog.

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