Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Trip to Fallingwater and Monticello

Before taking off on a trip to Monticello and Fallingwater, the class was asked to complete some section/floor plan assignments of the Unity Temple as well as both Monticello and Fallingwater via the Ching textbook assignments or handouts given in class. Below are images of the sections/floor plans completed for that work:

Monticello and Fallingwater Floor Plans (Drafts one and two)

Monticello Section Draft 1

Monticello Section Draft 2

This last weekend, the class (and a few upper class IARc students) took a trip to visit Monticello (built between 1768-1808, start to finish) in Charlottesville, VA to learn a bit about the country's third president, Thomas Jefferson, as well as some background information about the interior and architecture of his house. From there we drove up to Mill Run, PA to visit the famous Fallingwater home built by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kaufmann family in 1935.

I really enjoyed visiting both locations while on the trip, but, I'd have to say I enjoyed Monticello a lot more due to the historical background behind the home. I love history, and enjoy being able to physically take part in it; and I felt being there was more "special" because of that than Fallingwater felt. Although, I feel Fallingwater is more beautiful aesthetically (partially due to the nature surrounding the home, not the home itself) I still prefer Monticello due to the historical context behind the home. I also had a bit more fun sketching Monticello than I did with Fallingwater; I'm not exactly sure why that is.

While at both locations I sketched a bit while going through the tour and took plenty of photographs to document my time there (and to also sketch from at a later date, which I'm currently working on). Some photographs and the sketches I did on the trip are shown below:

Brief sketches done while on tour at both Monticello and Fallingwater.
 A few photographs taken while at Monticello.
A few photographs taken while at Fallingwater.
Once we arrive back home I began working on polishing sketches and renderings that were roughly sketched (started) during my trip to Monticello and Fallingwater. Below are examples of the finished sketches and renderings done for both locations:

Once completed,  I worked on further sections, floor plans and elevations of Monticello, Fallingwater and the Unity Temple. Below are images of the sections, elevations and floor plans done for this sections of class:

 Although two of the three images are repeated here, the Monticello section has been added and is new.
From here I created a book containing all the physical images shown above to be included in my portfolio at the end of term.
Visiting Monticello and Fallingwater was a very fun and unique experience. I'd recommend anyone go if they want to enjoy a bit of history, various pleasant environments and nice architecture/design.

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