Thursday, April 24, 2014

What I learned in Design Visualization through the year and my Monticello/Fallingwater book process.

Design Visualization Course Completion Thoughts:

With the last class of Design Visualization wrapping up today; I can look back and see how much I've learned since the first class last fall (fall semester 2013). Though I've learned many aspects, principles and rules of drawing and design in both classes, I have to say by far  my favorite study subject was drafting. I really enjoyed working in scale and applying the measurements taken and scaling up/down for various reasons. I'm not sure why I liked this so much; my husband told me at the beginning of the spring term he hated drafting in college so I thought I would as well. My best guess would probably be due to the analytical thinking process I tend to use in my work. Drafting has a very clear set of rules you must follow in order to produce accurate and polished work-and I think that works well for me; (although I'm not saying I can't be abstract when the time is called for).

I do feel I need further work and practice on my rendering skills and plan to give myself "homework" or small rendering projects over the summer to try and build on this skill as I feel it is an important one to have within the career field of design.

Monticello and Fallingwater Book Process:

After my visit to Monticello and Fallingwater two or so weeks ago, I began working on polishing the very rough and incomplete sketches I'd done while there. Those sketches were then turned into a book to be submitted at the end of term illustrating the different views and aspects of both locations I found to be interesting and beautiful. After completing the drawings, renderings, floor plans, sections and elevations of both locations (as well as a small bit of the Unity Temple-which we didn't visit) I worked on the organization of the book; trying to make it flow well and be consistent. Once the physical book was complete, I redid the process for the digital PDF file we needed to make for submission at the end of term.

For examples of the drawings done for the book please visit my previous blog post here. (Click on the word "here").

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