Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week One: Post Two

I'm excited (and not excited at the same time) to begin working with, and understanding building codes. I'm a little apprehensive about the study of codes because I know now that I must check and double check my designs prior to submission that everything adheres to the codes described; whereas prior to this semester, I was unaware of how codes worked, where to look them up and how to apply them in designs. (So, I got away with more; as far as reality and do-ability in design goes). However, I'm a pretty technical person, and the idea of introducing further rules into the system of design is a bit exciting for me because it gives me something to further base my work off of...

Below are images done for this weeks assignment were we were asked to illustrate two codes assigned to us:

Code 1208.1 Minimum Room Widths
Habitable spaces, other than a kitchen, shall not be less than 7 feet (2134mm) in any plan dimension. Kitchens shall have a clear passageway of not less than 3 feet between counter fronts and appliances or counter fronts and walls. 

Code 1018.3 Corridor Obstruction
The required width of corridors shall be unobstructed.
Exception: Doors complying with section 1005.2
Code 1005.2 Door Encroachment

Door, when fully opened, and handrails shall not reduce the required means of egress width by more than 7 inches (178mm). Doors in any position shall not reduce the required width by more than one-half. Other nonstructural projections such as trim and similar decorative features shall be permitted to project into the required width a maximum of 1 ½ inches (38mm) on each side

Exception: The restrictions on a door swing shall not apply to doors within individual units and sleeping units of Group R-2 and dwelling units of Group R-3

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