Friday, January 30, 2015

Week Three: Post One

Working with Illustrator during our first codes assignment has been very difficult for me due to my familiarity with Photoshop. I find myself thinking a lot of the tools and functions will preform similarly, and they often don't, causing me a lot of confusion, frustration and time trying to figure out why it's not working the way I'd like it to. An example of this would be the paint bucket tool. In illustrator you have to select an object of shapes you want to fill in prior to being able to use the tool. However, if your selection is made up of various lines that make one whole, it often will not work correctly for you (at least it didn't for me a multiple number of times). Even if you "joined", "grouped" or "locked" the selection of lines together I still had difficulty getting this function to work-and often found myself cursing at the application in frustration and wishing I could complete the assignment in Photoshop. One thing is for sure, when it comes to Illustrator, I need more practice and exposure to get the hang of the tools and functions within the program.

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