Thursday, February 26, 2015

Week Seven: Post One

Having now completed the floor plan assigned to the class in autoCAD I can tell that I've become a bit less "intimidated" by the program as well as a tad bit faster at working with it; (but not by much!).

I do really enjoy working within the program, and find that "time flies" (in a good way) when I'm using it. The following image if of the floor plan I created within the program.

We are now beginning work on sections. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weekly Sketch 7

Since we've been working actively within the CAD program during the last two or so weeks we were asked to quickly sketch out 3 sections of objects found in our home.

I did this assignment while at work-so I "bent" the rules a bit and sketched out three items I found while working:

Of the three sketches done, I feel the flavored salt container is the most interesting to view (and incidentally, the most interesting to draw); because of its screw on cap characteristics and overall shape. The simplest in design was the child size cup. But, I chose to draw that out because I thought the bottom of the cup was of some interest.  

Friday, February 20, 2015

Week Six: Post Two

I've now begin dabbling within the program of autoCAD, and I find that I move pretty slow within it. (I feel that's because I'm new to using the software-and hope with further exposure my speed and accuracy will improve like it has with other programs I've worked with in the past).

I haven't drafted much within the program as of yet-but, I'm steadily working towards completing the floor plan we've been tasked to complete for next week.

One thing I find most challenging for me to remember while working within the program is to remember to hit the esc button each time I'm finished with a tool. I find myself just thinking that by clicking outside of my work area it'll assume I'm done with the tool in use-but that's not the case.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week Six: Post One

We've been introduced to the CAD program (autoCAD) that we will use to draft the Chicago apartment most of my classmates will be traveling to and seeing in March 2015; (I will not be going on this trip).

I appreciate the tutorials that Stephanie has uploaded to canvas for us to watch relating to this program and our project. Upon opening the program unaware of how to use it-there's a lot one could do and get "lost" trying to do without the help of the tutorials provided to us. I have yet to begin working in the program as I've been watching the videos and measuring out the provided floor plan given to us, so that I can begin drafting it shortly. I'm both nervous and excited to try working within the program.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekly Sketch 6

This week we were asked to sketch the light snowfall that occurred during the week. I chose to do a quick sketch of the hills outside of my home because I found the long stalks of dead grass poking through the ice to be of some interest.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Week Five: Post Two

Although I like drafting by hand, I'm excited to bring what we've done this week into CAD and design my first computer aided design. I'm looking forward to this following week of assignments.

Week 5: Post One

During this week we were tasked with measuring designated areas in groups. My group was assigned the women's and men's bathroom on the third floor of Gatewood building. Although, my group got off to a bit of a slow start with assignment, we pulled out the measurements as a team and we were able to complete the assignment on our own: creating a floor plan and section drawing of the assigned rooms.

The following images are my drawings:

Both were done in a 1/4" = 1' scale.
It was nice working by hand on this assignment. I know the focus is in this program is now steering towards computer design, but I still have an appreciation for hand done drawings, drafts and such. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weekly Sketch 5

This week we were tasked as a class to create a quick sketch of something involving the circus. When I read the guidelines to this weeks assignment I couldn't help but "go there".

Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I'm an extreme lover and advocate of elephants; to which are extremely mistreated in the world of the circus. This was the premise behind my sketch:

Please note, that elephants are not the only animals being mistreated within circuses. Desire to educate yourself on the cruelty within the "glitter and lights" that is shown under the big tent.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekly Sketch 4

This week we were asked to transform a chair created by the Eames' via this website. I chose/selected the "Eames Walnut Stool C" because at first glance I immediately saw a chess pawn; I thought it was fun and an interesting "transformation". The quick sketch I did can be seen below:

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Week Four: Post Two

I'm liking and enjoying that this semester there is a great deal of information provided for us (the class) to view on canvas via the "modules" tab. While I liked using Lynda last semester, and understand how great it was resource wise, I did feel it was a bit of a disconnect  from the class; as well as sometimes very "dry". I appreciate Stephanie taking the time to create the videos and find/found them very helpful during the last two codes assignments we've done as a class. (Especially the illustrator videos).

Week Four: Post One

Working on the second rendition of the Codes assignment, I chose to photograph my job, (the local Burlington movie theatre) because I felt like it illustrated my codes well.

Photographing the space was interesting because it generated a lot of looks and interest by the patrons that were frequenting the theatre the night I did my shoot.

I like that we are working with Photoshop during this assignment (because it's a personal favorite of mine). Working with Illustrator during the last assignment was challenging for me (specifically with that paint bucket-I had the hardest time working with that tool). 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Week Three: Post Two

I've yet to figure out the paint bucket tool in Illustrator; and after speaking with a few of my classmates on the subject matter, I seem to not be the only one...

I'm excited to continue working on the project during the next step-photographs and Photoshop!