Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Week Fourteen: Sketch Up Lakeshore Apartment Walk-Through (Post Two)

While working on the Sketch Up project we were asked as a class to create a walk-through of the final space using sketch up podium walk-through. While I feel the finished project is decent, I feel the quality isn't good enough for the amount of time it took to render the scenes within the video. (The video was also done at the highest possible setting within sketch up).

I feel like sketch up handles lighting and reflections (i.e. mirrors) really well, while everything else isn't at the level I'd like it to be at. However, I couldn't make the video any better in terms of quality because I was already at the programs "maximum level".

Also, during the video there are some spots that didn't render well for some reason even though the items are in "perfect" condition when looking at it through the program on my computer (i.e. the photo behind the bed, the weird white spot on the couch and the dinner plates). Having spent 18 hours rendering the video, seeing those mistakes/problems in the video do bother me, however it isn't a "simple fix" because I would have to wait another 18 hours to render the video in order to see if the problem was corrected.

Having said all this, I think Sketch Up has it's "high" points, but I don't think it's the end all be all in the world of beautiful design.

Below is my walk-through video:

Note: make sure to "upgrade" the quality of the video in the browser while watching the video.

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